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Residential Services

Michelle W Landscape Design offers a few package for your residential landscape needs and at any time you can upgrade to the next package. 

Each job is priced according to the individual projects, besides the one-hour consult. 


1 Hour Consult

This is where we come out to your house to walkaround your landscape and give you an hour of our time. We will review what changes can be made around your project and when the hour is up, you will receive all the notes I took during the meeting so you can then tackle the project yourself. If after the hour you find you need more than just my notes, and would like a full landscape plan, we can upgrade you to that.  

Landscape Plan

The landscape design package is priced per project depending on the size and scope of work. Each project will receive the following:

  • Concepts to start 

    • showing spaces but no full details

  • Finished landscape plan

    • showing plantings

    • hardscaping material (patios, decks, walls)

    • suggestion on patio furniture placement

    • elevations

    • structure locations

    • water and fire feature 

    • lighting plan 

You will be able to take the final plans to contractors to have it quoted and installed.

By having the plan, you will be able to do some, all, or none of the work yourself -- it gives you the freedom to choose. You can also have the plans staged, so you know what order is best if you are installing over a few years.


3D Render

A 3D design is a great way to see what your landscape project will look like before you even put a shovel in the ground. It gives you a great sense of how the space is being used and how material finishes will look.

Contact us about seeing your backyard 3D and for pricing.

Thank you for the absolute fabulous design for my front yard.


So happy we could  work together. It's been a great experience. Keep up the great designs!

- Bren

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