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Michelle W Landscape Design is a company that will custom-tailor your landscape to you. Whether it's a new build or a revamp, a small space or a large one, a big budget or a small project, it's our goal to create the design you dreamed of to be installed by contractors or by yourself. By having a professional design, all the guesswork is taken out, in order to create not just a beautiful space, but also a beautiful process.

Meet Michelle W.

Michelle is a certified landscape designer, a horticulturalist, and a landscape technician. She is also a 3D artist and has a growing passion for native plantings. 

Her love for designing started at a young age when she would design houses and room layouts. She still gets a thrill out of seeing how much she can fit into a small space while still being functional and beautiful.

In her youth, she shifted her interest in architecture to landscape design when she was inspired by her dad's love for gardening. She began sketching out gardens and this passion later blossomed when she went to college to study horticulture and landscape design.

After college, she worked for a landscape installer, laying patios and installing gardens. She gained valuable knowledge in landscape installation, then moved on to a landscape design job. She was pleased to work under and alongside award-winning designers and also become one herself. 

When Michelle is not designing, she is happily busy with her three young kids and her husband. However, she doesn't stop there. She also enjoys upcycling clothes and undertaking many projects around the home -- from ripping out walls for renovations to sprucing up the garden. 


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